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Wooden Packaging with Maintained Tradition

From Lower Silesia to Lower Bavaria

Maintain the traditions, experience innovations

"From the wood to the world"


Paul Ludwig mit erster Frau

In his wheelwright's workshop and carpentry located in Tirpitz (Lower Silesia) Paul Ludwig, the grandfather of the today’s company owner Dr. Thomas Koy, manufactures woodware for his customers in the Prussian province of Silesia (administrative district of Breslau).



1948 - Gründung: Fertigung von edlen Präsentverpackungen aus Holz für Weine, Süßwaren, Andenkenartikel und Bastlerbedarf

After the death of the woodware manufacturer Alois Gabauer from Eleonorenhain, the businessman Max Liebich acquired his company. For several decades after that, his business was focused on wooden packaging.



1964 - Neubau: Neue Produkte: Holztruhen, Holzetuis, Verkaufstürme und Displays zur Warenpräsentation

Spacious new building in the new residential and commercial area of Buergerholz in Regen
New products from the "Max Liebich Holzwarenfabrik": wooden chests, wooden cases, sales towers and displays for goods presentation



2011: Verkauf an die neu gegründete "Holzmanufaktur Max Liebich GmbH" an den neuen Inhaber: Dr. Thomas Koy

Dr. Thomas Koy acquires the company. As Holzmanufaktur Max Liebich GmbH he continues to produce wooden packaging under slogan “MAINTAIN TRADITIONS, EXPERIENCE INNOVATIONS”.



2012: Die niederbayerische Bezirksregierung zeichnet die neue Firma bereits nach einem Jahr mit dem Titel "TOP-Unternehmen" aus und Regierungspräsident Heinz Grunwald zeigt sich bei seinem Besuch im März beeindruckt vom Portfolio und der konsequenten Ausrichtung als internationaler Premiumhersteller hochwertiger, zertifizierter Holzverpackungen.

The district government of Lower Bavaria confers the new enterprise the “top company” title already in one year after its foundation. In the year 2013 the company owner Dr. Thomas Koy was named an “ambassador of Lower Bavaria". So the company’s consistent orientation at innovative and individual wooden packaging was appreciated. For the first time in the history of the company certified by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce as an apprenticeship employer, three apprentices were welcomed who want to undertake professional training as wood mechanic in their country of origin.



2016: Neubau der Manufaktur „Holz.Lieb.Ich“ als größtes Massivholzbauwerk Bayerns

Erection of a new building of the Holz.Lieb.Ich factory in the industrial area of Fuerhaupten in Zwiesel - the largest solid wood building in Bavaria. Mr Helmut Brunner, Minister of State, and Ms Hildegard Koy, the daughter of Paul Ludwig and mother of the company owner, hit “the last nail" into the wood according to the carpenters tradition. Today the woodworking company from Low Bavaria exports its goods to more than 30 countries worldwide, “from the wood to the world”.