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Wooden Packaging - Standard & Classics

Already in the 1960s, under telex 69807 and telegraph “Wood Liebich" at the "Special Factory for Wooden Gift Packaging" for sparkling wine, spirits, confectionery and delicacies, the customers could choose from a wide range of products rounded up by turned and painted chests, plates and dolls - so as manufactured by the "woodware producer" Alois Gabauer in Bohemian Forest before the war .

We have kept this classic product range and offer more than 200 various wooden articles for packing, handicrafts and painting - as standard products constantly available at our well stocked factory outlets.

The standard range of wooden articles is completed by sales promotion items, such as racks and points of sale, that are decorated and personalized according to the customer’s requirements.

Handicrafts, Games, Decorating

There is a separate department dedicated to wooden articles for kindergartens and schools.

With balls and cubes, tactile feelings can be trained. Dolls made of carved Bavarian beech with sisal "Made in Germany" are sold in Asia and America.

The popular "Fairytale" dice as a puzzle with motifs from the Brothers Grimm tales was designed as a reminiscence of the 70s. Now not paper is glued to the sides of the certified beech cube, but digital printing is directly applied onto them.