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Individual wooden packaging: decoration and innovation

At our sample joinery, we develop up to 8 new wood packaging items monthly. So we are in the position to develop the right innovative suggestion of packaging for our customers or our own design for pro-active presentation at the market within 3-5 working days.

Unlike our competitors, we do not require minimum order quantities. On the contrary: "Our mass production starts with 2 pieces” and it is not simply a marketing gag. Our customers especially appreciate this when they introduce new products or organize limited sales actions.

Custom Made

Clothes make the man and the packaging makes a product.” it is our daily goal to use the wooden materials to highlight the packed product to be presented by the customer and not the wooden packaging itself. This defined added value motivates the customer to buy the product searched for in the wooden packaging. With the wood packaging, we want to offer a self-contained value honored by the buyer as “added”.



This is a traditional decoration technology in which a branding iron heated to 400 degrees is pressed onto the wood. Now we produce the matrices from brass 58” (CNC machined) which ensures clean edges. With 4 different burning machines, we can align the desired firing-in both on hard and soft wood, plywood and natural surfaces.



Our high-quality alternative to emboss foils into wooden templates at approx. 100 degrees. Gold embossing, silver labels, bronze medals or logos in corporate colors... Often the embossing is used for complementary “limited” actions, since the existing burning matrix can be re-used and no additional costs arise for the customer.



Screen Printing
The technology emerged from medieval template techniques. With different types of tissues on our covered wooden frames, we can print pictures, logos or cusotmized fonts on all wooden surfaces. The colors are mixed acc. to the customer’s individual requirements, so that each defined hue can be achieved as a decoration in RAL/HKS pantone. Now our various range of screen printings is complemented by day-bright colors, fluorescent colors shining at night and originals printed in 3D look.



Digital Printing
Everything what a usual paper printer can do, we can also do on wooden surfaces. In the offset printing technology with UV hardeners, surfaces and even complete wooden packs can be directly printed to the heights up to 15cm. A "photo wallpaper on wood" or emotional statement on a cover, top-signs and displays … We can apply your motif onto natural “wood grain” or print it as opaque coating on the wooden surface previously treated at our painting shop.
Visitors of our factory outlets will appreciate the opportunity to personalize their own photos with dedications or congratulations from our extensive range of standard products.



With this technology, the wood can be made really something “to feel”. With steel brushes, we remove the "soft" years from our Bavarian solid wood, so that the wood grain can be seen and felt. This wood structure looks best in soft wood, our certified spruce solid wood from the Bavarian Forest. This effect can be even intensified by staining of flaming, also done at our factory.



CNC machining
With our CNC machines, we can meet the highest demands on drilling, routing and grooving. The machines feature unique equipment and operating methods. They were actually developed for furniture and interior finish, but we use these fully automated technologies at up to 5 levels of the work-piece for our packaging development. Our carpenters can enter the existing drawings into the wood machining programs or work out individual software solutions for our customers.



Job orders can be simultaneously performed in several different spray booths. Digitally controlled supply of fresh air and heat recovery not only create a pleasant room and working climate, but also ensure optimum conditions for processing our stains and varnishes on a solvent and water basis. By manual spraying the coatings onto wood-based materials, individual effects, such as "vintage” or "shabby" look or color gradients can be achieved. Positive added value through our new building: We fulfill all strict environmental requirements concerning solvents even more than the standards require. So we ensure sustainable and ecological working in this sensitive production area, too.



By flaming on a rotating socket, each individual wood packaging gains a new style, usually in combination with firing-in. To strengthen this counterfeit "aging effect", the piece of wood can be then also stained, lacquered or oiled in order to emphasize its rustic look.


Gelasert (Form und Schrift)

Lasered (form and writing)
Individual wood cuts with fine corners and curves that cannot be reproduced by our punching, cutting or milling machines with all accuracy are manufactured by laser cutting up to max. 8mm wood thickness. By the way, during this process, our solid wood or plywood is neither cut nor burned, but just "vaporized” with the fine laser beam at the cutting edge. In addition, the laser beam can, of course, make engravings, logos and lettering. This supplements our decoration technology of firing-in.



Veneer as a noble material peeled from bark is known already over 3000 years. Today we use the certified veneer industry, to offer new wood variants from local exclusive wooden materials. We glue on these wooden surfaces of only some millimeters thickness to the base materials, in order to produce a natural decoration by always unique wooden surface structure. Veneers are also used by us to create a self-contained product statement by a high-quality packaging glued around and, in addition, stained, lasered or digitally printed. By the way, we never use veneers from protected or tropical wood. Here we can offer our customers the right wood patterns by digital printing on domestic veneers.


Runde Verpackungen

Round packaging
Wooden packaging need not be only "square". With special plywood, bending technology and vacuum presses, wood becomes a "round thing” both as a traditional packaging with hinge and lock or as a curved display or image personalized and supplemented with our well-known decoration techniques.


In Materialkombination

In combination of materials (metal, fabrics, 3D photos)
In addition to wood from our Bavarian Forest, glass and granite are also dominant raw materials in our region. What is more obvious than a desire to try both materials and to manufacture unique, emotional and very personal packaging from them? We closely co-operate with artists from the region and thus express our commitment to our homeland and its natural resources.

Jerseys flocking? We also decorate wood surfaces with individual textile cuts of various shapes and colors! By laminating the paper cut-outs on wood, labels can be applied to wood packaging, large-surface decorations can be created or ancient packaging variants can be re-interpreted. By means of Diablast technology, photo motifs in 3D look can be glued onto wooden surfaces - an innovative combination of traditional materials and semi-color photographic technology.

A sliding cover box can also be a combination of wooden case and traditionally manufactured metal plate as a "sliding lid". The cover can be arrested with magnetic pins or an inlay can be made on the wooden surface. So we combine wood and metal to create an original wooden packaging with "collector’s" effect.



From certified 3 mm plywood, we manufacture popular give-aways using more than 20 molds - such as ringing and name plates, key fobs or clip-on motifs for events. Legend characters from the wood: Easter bunnies, stars and hearts... Often we welcome families with children in our factory sales or school classes ordering these carvings for painting or crafts or try to carve them themselves by the punching machine under supervision of our specialists.