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Wooden Packaging
"From the Wood to the World"

MAINTAIN TRADITIONS, EXPERIENCE INNOVATIONS” is our daily promise on creativity and quality to our customers, both in Germany and worldwide.

Being a certified woodworking enterprise, we are committed to an innovative development of individual wooden packaging solutions.

Welcome to the website of Chocoholic! Here you can learn more about our philosophy, our commitment to traditional carpenter craftsmanship, modern production processes and innovative decoration in the "largest solid wood construction in Bavaria".

 Dr. Thomas Koy | Holzmanufaktur Liebich GmbH


Dr. Thomas Koy, Managing Director

Wooden Packaging

Our wooden packaging materials are manufactured of natural wood by using various manufacturing processes and joints. Sustainability is the matter of course for our wooden packaging materials. They are exclusively made of certified plywood, hardwood and leaf wood from Bavarian forests. Our international IPPC certification guarantees the customer that the raw materials undergo a mild treatment in our in-house drying chambers. In our factory, sustainability is much more than just a marketing slogan. When the customer receives our wooden packaging, they can also get a written proof upon request, in which wooded area the tree was felled from which these received goods are made. In this way, compared with wooden packaging from other competitors, our goods gain an natural added value regarding the product origin.

Wooden Cases

In colloquial language, a wooden case means a rustic wooden package. Wooden cases are made by simple joints, e.g. stapling or nailing, and mostly used as transport package. Unlike wooden boxes usually made of plywood, the wooden cases are usually made of deciduous and hard woods such as spruce or beech. In recent years, wooden cases also became "vintage" reminiscences. The wood is costly stained or used with untreated or “scrubbed” (roughly planed) soft wood to get a rustic appearance. Wooden cases with historic fittings made of metal or leather remind of wooden packaging from its early period. Such wooden cases are very popular among wine and spirits traders. They use them to promote their brands and even as stackable points of sales.

Wooden Toys

Surely you remember wooden trains, a rocking horse or other various wooden figures and carvings. Many of us had been growing up with such toys. The younger generation only saw them in nostalgia shops. The boom of plastic toys produced in low-wage countries is over. Now the wooden toys gain in importance anew - as toys made of natural raw materials and manufactured in a natural way. For example, our sculpted dolls. We sell them e. g. in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the USA. Educational institutions in Germany and abroad are pleased that our factory again offers various wooden toys in its catalogs and in the factory outlets. Wooden toys are now used in on-pack promotion of many brands. A wooden toy as a present attached to the chosen wooden packaging or point of sale will be a long-lasting memory of the added value.

Wooden Boxes

Due to our longer than 60 year tradition, we are often referred to as a “boxmaker” in our region. That dates back to the origin of the wooden packaging. The wooden box is a simple unit consisting of a body, a bottom and a cover. The latter can be a sliding or a flap cover. Thanks to non-complicated methods of industrial series production, for many decades we have been offering standard ranges of the same wooden boxes with respective serial numbers. These boxes have proved themselves as safe and firm packaging for many kinds of goods. Usually the wooden boxes are made of certified pine, birch or poplar plywood. Decoration of the wooden boxes can be made by staining and varnishing. In addition, they can be labeled with colored logos or various motifs made by firing-on or screen printing.

Wooden Point of Sale

In recent years wooden points of sales are more and more often used for promotional purposes. They can be easily put together or dismantled. Such robust wooden shelves used in shops and supermarkets guarantee long effective life. Several storeys, differently usable wooden floors, slide-in wooden signs that can be decorated as "TOP signs" by firing-on, screen printing or digital printing - all these features allow a versatile use of these standard or customized wooden points of sale for various brands. Even a standard point of sale ordered from our catalog can be tailored to the customer’s individual requirements by means of various decoration options. In addition to wooden shelves for food retailing, we produce more and more wooden points of sale for hotels, restaurants and catering. In this field, the wooden points of sale are used e. g. on counters. It can also be wooden salvers or boards for serving breakfast or hot dishes in iron pans.

Presents made of wood

In the recent years many terms such as "pride of wood", "commitment to nature" and alike were formed to market the wooden gifts instead of the plastic ones produced on the basis of mineral oil. We set us a goal to offer our customers the wooden gifts as value-added products. The wooden packaging should add value to the goods packed in it. This could be done if the wooden packaging becomes a gift itself. Packaging made of foil, glass, plastic or cardboard are usually thrown away and should be sorted before recycling. On the contrary, the wooden packaging as a gift has lasting character corresponding to the value of natural wood resources. Both in our factory outlets and Creative catalog, we offer various wooden gifts for Easter, Christmas or personal events and anniversaries.