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Unique Position

All of our sophisticated woodware are manufactured exclusively in Germany in the Bavarian Forest. The raw materials used for this production are obtained from ecologically sustainable and certified forestry. Our suppliers are primarily located in Bavaria. This is our commitment to our region, our country and the label "Made in Bavaria".

Thanks to in-house mold making and subsequent creation of patterns, we are in the position to quickly and flexibly respond to customer projects and develop original solutions in close co-operation with the customer’s purchasing and marketing departments.

Focused on customer projects, we have appropriate decorations. It can be done by screen printing, firing in, embossing, flock-coating, flaming, digital printing, CNC machining and laser cutting. With modern staining machines and spray booths, we are in the position to stain and varnish all HKS pantone colors from our customers. Additional use of manual spray guns allows creation of extraordinary effects, such as "vintage/shabby", wiping techniques or airbrush effects.

Being called “Holzmanufaktur”, we especially emphasize experience and skills of our carpenters and woodworkers gained through decades. Equipped by our modern machine pool, we are in the position to quickly manufacture small individual series. Production of series up to 300,000 units rounds up the profile of our factory. The quality management is the most important for our high-quality packaging solutions.

Holz.Lieb.Ich - memory of the company founder Mr Liebich, commitment to our sustainable raw material and craftsmen skills

Traceability and Sustainability

“From the wood to the world" ... This slogan expresses our commitment to our homeland, the Bavarian Forest National Park. We buy solid wood only in Bavaria. For each delivery, our sawmills must prove the origin of the trees. By means of GoogleEarth, we can exactly tell our customers where are the forests from which we receive trees sustainably cultivated for decades. Our plywood comes exclusively from sustainable cultivation. Our wholesalers must unsolicitedly provide the well-known international certifications for each delivery.

All our suppliers are committed to our promise of sustainability by their long-term supplier declarations and food safety certificates. We manufacture our goods exclusively at our woodworking enterprise in Zwiesel. Labeling with the "Arberland premium” seal of origin and the "German Factories” seal expresses our being recognized as an innovative manufacturer of individual wooden packaging solutions.

Individuality and Innovation

Diversity of wood is especially experienced due to its almost unlimited variety of design options placing emphasis on the packed product. With our wooden packaging, we offer added value to the product and tell an individual story of it. Thus the wooden packaging offers an individual added value to the customer and buyer.

Every month we develop from five to eight different packaging options - on a pro-active basis or upon the customer’s request. In conjunction with glass, metal sheets, granite and porcelain, really unique examples are created that re-visualize and re-define the term of "wooden packaging".

  • Invisible seals in the wood?
  • Annual rings in the soft wood to be felt by your hand?
  • Day and night vibrant colors in screen printing or 3D effects in digital printing?
  • Round packaging and curved wooden points of sale?
  • Nostalgic wooden booms inside and certified wooden wool, lasered foam inserts or slotted modules reinforced with drilled magnets?

Creativity of our carpenters and product designers has almost no limits and make for more "aha” experiences at customer meetings, in our showroom and at exhibitions of new products at our factory outlets for everyone.