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Green Factory

With over 1,000 m³ wood used, our factory is recognized as “the largest solid wood building in Bavaria”. The building was opened 2017.

The wood used for this construction was procured exclusively from German producers. All 8 production areas and a two-storey management and factory sales office are equipped with floor heating. And this heat is generated exclusively from our own wood waste: From all 56 woodworking machines, wooden chips are conveyed into a 12m high silo tower. In addition, we mix the wood waste from the production processes by a chipper to the stored biomass.

100 percent raw material utilization in a closed circuit - a really "green factory"!

Certified wood drying

Spruce, beech, ash, oak, alder .... Sawn timber supplied from sawmills is dried in our drying chambers to 10% residual moisture for further processing. The drying process is fully electronically monitored and controlled. Depending on the type and thickness of wood, the drying takes between 5 and 9 days. The drying process runs exclusively by supplying heat and water spray mist, with no chemical additives to kill pests. We are certified by the IPPC seal from the Bavarian State Agency for Agriculture and annually checked by the Food, Agriculture and Forestry Office. So we can export our goods worldwide without presentation of complex plant health certificates and allow much faster customs clearance for our clients.

Commitment to the region and defined professionalism

We are located in the Bavarian Forest and committed to the people around the oldest national park in Germany. So we express our being proud of our homeland by our products and sales activities. From our factory awarded with the "Arberland premium” seal of origin, a 1,455 m high mountain is seen. This view additionally strengthens our sense of togetherness. The Government of Lower Bavaria honored us with the "Top Company” title and our company owner became an "ambassador of Lower Bavaria". Due to our consistent company philosophy, we were accepted in the illustrious circle of well-known German companies with long tradition and international presence by the “Association of German Factories".