Company History

Wooden Manufactory Liebich


Foundation of the company Max Liebich in Regen
Manufacturing of noble wooden gift-packing for wine, confectionery, souvenirs and tinker-demands


Extensive reconstruction on the area of the old production facility
New Products: wooden chests, wooden boxes, Steeples and displays for product presentations


Conversion of the company to "Max Liebich Wooden Goods Company"
after the death of the company's founder Max Liebich, his daughter and family assumed the management


Sale to the recently founded "Wooden Manufactory Max Liebich"
New owner: Dr. Thomas Koy


The government of the administrative region "Lower Bavaria" has assigned us as "TOP-Company"after only 1 year of the new ownership. Our district president Heinz Grunwald, was impressed about our production portfolio and consistent focus as an international premium producer of high-value, certificated wooden packaging during his personal visit. In addition to the regional quality award "Bavaria.Premium" we have received the IPPC-certification and therefore the allowance to export into 181 countries worldwide from the Bavarian government. In August, we opened a new chapter in our company's history: For the first time we have started with 3 trainees to become carpenters after 3 years in our new apprentice program.


The President of the Lower Bavarian District has announced Owner Koy as an "Ambassador of Lower Bavaria". He emphasized during his appraisal: "Dr. Koy as the TOP entrepreneur of the county will strengthen the footprint of his company and expand his sales activities on an international focus."


Neubau der Manufaktur „Holz.Lieb.Ich“ als größtes Massivholzbauwerk Bayerns im Gewerbegebiet Fürhaupten in Zwiesel. Seit Januar 2017 läuft die Produktion am neuen Standort.