TOP-Company of Lower Bavaria

With the Award „Entrepreneur of the Month“

"Born in Bavaria – at home worldwide'– The announced TOP-companies of Lower Bavaria operate in Sustainability, rising in turnover and employment creation based on firm proprietary capital. They are market leader in their defined niche and promoting the homeland, were they are situated. Hallmark of these companies are highest motivation to their employers, excellent trainee programs and chances to start intraplant carriers." (extract from the Laudation of the "Forum Lower Bavaria").

Wooden Manufactory Liebich GmbH has awarded 2012 as a TOP-company, in addition with the title "Entrepreneur of the month" to Dr. Thomas Koy. Partner in this illustrious circle are international knowned companies from Bavaria like BMW, eterna, Joska-Kristallglas, Knorr-Bremse, Knauf AMF, MAN or Wolf-Heating systems.

TOP Company of Lower Bavaria

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